Plant Sale for 2014 cancelled

Thank you to loyal customers who shopped with us over the years.
We have decided to give the green house a renovation this year and will not be holding a plant sale this spring.

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PLANT SALE 2013 dates coming soon!

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February 2011 GARDEN IN WINTER

Did you get your fantail – dragon claw willow at our booth at the Garden Expo? We gave out over 600 bunches. If not, contact us and we will cut some stems for you.

To root the cut stems:

Cut one inch of the bottom of the stems.

Put the stems in a vase or bucket, fill with 4-6″ of water.  An opaque container that does not allow light to hit the roots will work best. Do not root your stems in a container with a narrow neck, you may not be able to get the rooted stems out of the container.

Place the container in a sunny spot. Do not let the water dry out.  It takes 3-4 weeks to get roots.

Once rooted, plant outdoors in a sunny location with moist to wet soils.  Look for an area in your yard with run off or where puddles form.

Plant in a prepared hole, dig a 2′ deep and 2′ wide hole, fill the hole with compost or other water retaining soils.

Gently plant the rooted cuttings, so that the roots are deep in the hole.  Gently fill in the soil around the plant. Do not step on the soil.  Tuck the plant in with hand pressure.


Water every day for at least the first week.  Then water once a week with at one gallon of water.  If we have dry weather (no water for a week), water at least twice that week.

It grows to about 20′ -25′ in height and width.  Come see ours in the garden at the plant sale in June.

Garden in Winter

Willow Dragon Claw Stems

Similar to the pussy willow, this 20′ tall fast growing willow has huge catkins, those are the soft fuzzy stem tips we love for spring flower arrangements.

Harvesting them this time of year, by pruning the willow encourages the tree to produce spiral tipped branches.

These are great screening trees, especially if you have a wet spot in the garden.  We sell them at our plants sales and you can see a mature tree in our garden. Not sure if a Dragon Claw Willow is right for your garden?  Contact Brid Craddock at for design advice.

Fantail Willow ‘Sekka’ summer foliage

Dragon Claw Willow Harvest

Dragon Claw Willow Pruning

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